Back in 2013, Jeff and I made it our goal to run together and do a 5K. We did end up walking together, running a bit. I think I ran my first straight mile EVER. But things happen, life got busy, it got cold outside, etc. and we never made it to that 5K. We’ve been walking/jogging on and off since but haven’t stuck to it.

This is our year.

A few months ago we both started using the free app C25K (Couch to 5K) and I can’t say enough about it!

screenshot of c25k

You guys. I just ran for 20 minutes straight, no walking. This is huge for me. Never been done. I accomplished that huge milestone on my 36th birthday and I was so proud of myself! The app says I ran for 2 miles (omg) but it doesn’t actually track mileage. I’m going to start using MapMyRun along with C25K and see how far I actually go.

This app is so great. You don’t have to look at it, which I like. I used to run on a treadmill and would watch the minutes count down or the milage go up and it felt like torture. With this app a pleasant lady tells you when it’s time to walk, when it’s time to run. She even tells you when you’re halfway through the run so if you’re out running around town you know when it’s time to turn around.

C25K lady: “You are halfway!”

My brain: “Yessssssss! … Already? That was fast!”

It never feels like too much. The progression of the time walking and time running is planned so well. Some days feel a little hard but no pain, no gain, right? You just push through and usually the next day doesn’t seem so bad. Every day is about 30 minutes. I was surprised when I first started, thinking I would be doing a 5K every day. But no, you just walk/run for around 30 minutes each day, slowly easing into more running/less walking.

All this talk makes me want to get out there but it’s cold and raining. No excuses, right?

I was not paid for any of this. I just want to share because it’s the only fitness program we have both stuck with for this long!

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