2. 5 Week Quick Declutter Challenge!

I have a group text going with a few of my oldest friends. It started off with my friend Carly wanting to to a “better you” type challenge for the first two weeks of the new year. She asked us if we wanted to participate and we all joined in. She sent us a text every morning with the challenge of the day, we would talk about it and then the conversation would spiral into something hilarious and completely off-topic. Having that connection, even though we are all miles apart, brightened our days. Towards the end of the challenge we all agreed that we would miss our chats and from there the idea of the Declutter Challenge was born! We spent the first two weeks bettering our souls and our minds. Now to get our houses in order!

I once read an article about the correlation between depression and messy houses. The gist is more physical clutter = more mental clutter. When we moved long-distance, I purged roughly 75% of our stuff and boy, was it freeing! Less stuff means less to clean up. Makes sense, right? This was and still is my motto …

Useful or Beautiful

Now some of us in this group are really crunched for time. I wanted to come up with ideas that were quick and relatively easy. This challenge isn’t going to free your entire house of all it’s clutter in just 10 minutes a day. What it will do is allow you to purge things on a daily basis, make a dent in your clutter and most importantly, get an awesome sense of accomplishment!


It’s been fun so far and I wanted to share it with everyone!

If you’re interested, join in on our Facebook page! – Our Natural Nest –

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