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You can get coupons from lots of sources: newspapers, in-store flyers, shelf displays called “blinkies” and “tearpads” and printables from websites. However, most of these coupons are for products that us natural families would never use. I’m seeing more and more coupons for natural and organic products from the usual sources these days, which is awesome, but I probably give away 90% of the coupons I find.

Don’t be discouraged! There is a way to get lots of great coupons specifically for the products you use … write directly to the companies! Spending a couple of minutes filling out a contact form on a website or crafting a short email will earn you lots of money-saving coupons. You just need to write a few lines about how much you enjoy their products and how you’d like to save money. The companies love to hear that you like their products! You may want to create an email address designated for couponing only so your important emails don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Write an email, get coupons!

Here’s a list of companies that will send you coupons. You should also try checking their Facebook pages for special coupons and signing up for their newsletters. While you’re on the websites look around. You may spot a giveaway or some printable coupons!


Arrowhead Mills

Apple & Eve

Barbara’s Bakery


Ben & Jerry’s

Blue Diamond

Bob’s Red Mill

Cape Cod Potato Chips

Ciao Bella

Earth Balance

Earth’s Best


Eggland’s Best

Enjoy Life 


Hannaford Supermarkets


Jolly Llama

Jones Dairy Farm

J.R. Watkins Naturals


Natureripe Farms

Organic Valley

Pasta Prima

President Cheese


Santa Cruz Organic



Just 1 minute of work usually results in at least two $1 off coupons, sometimes a lot more. It’s worth it!

I’ll be updating this list often so bookmark or pin it! Are there some that I’ve missed? Please share what you’ve found in the comment section!

– Kelly

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