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Hi, Kelly here. I was sick earlier this week and have been thinking a lot about natural home remedies. During my illness I miss my bi-annual teeth cleaning. One thing about me: I love going to the dentist. Weird, I know. I just love the way my teeth feel after they’ve been professionally cleaned. My teeth feel so gross leading up to my appointment. I can always tell when I’m due!

So I was sitting here, running my tongue around my teeth, feeling the grit, and was reminded of stories about my grandfather. The man who had perfect teeth while all of his peers had dentures. The man who brushed his teeth with a homemade paste of baking soda & hydrogen peroxide. … The same stuff that’s in all of the expensive whitening toothpastes these days.

So I gave it a go, with two interested little girls watching all the while. I simply spooned a little bit of baking soda, maybe a teaspoon, into a little container and added maybe 1/2 a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, then mixed to form a paste. 

Then I dipped my toothbrush in it and started brushing. To be honest, it was gross at first! I kept on brushing and realized it tasted salty, like ocean water. Once I had that image in my head … I’m just swishing ocean water in my mouth. I’m at the beach, yay! … it was tolerable. (Next time I’ll try adding some minty extract!)

shiny teeth

Worth. It.

My teeth feel amazing. They feel SO clean, like I-just-left-the-dentist clean. They are *WHITER*! My mouth feels refreshed.

Think of the savings!!! Who needs white strips, gels and expensive toothpastes?

Caution: Hydrogen peroxide tooth products are not recommended for kids under 12. It should not be swallowed!  Use a 3% solution … the typical brown bottle that’s for cuts and scrapes.

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