Fun With Kids | Spring Break

Next week our kids will be on April Vacation (that’s Spring Break for you non-Mass people). Whenever a school vacation is coming up we have two feelings.

  1.  Excitement for more quality time with the kids. Lazy pajama days, a slower pace.
  2.  Dread due to the inevitable whining, “where-are-we-going-today”, and the COST of it all!

In an effort to keep that undesirable feeling at bay, we’ve rounded up some activities and crafts that are free or low-cost. Click on the image for more info!

Things to Make

Found Things –

Go for a walk and try to find things that are not part of nature! Collect them – you’ll be helping the environment and will now have free supplies for a craft.

Seed Art –

Dye pumpkin seeds, popcorn kernels and other types of seeds, then arrange on canvas or paper for some beautiful artwork.

Fairy Garden –

Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden – luvs2click on

These fairy gardens have us inspired! No tutorials here … just gather whatever you have available – a bowl, bucket, box, some cuttings from plants, rocks, craft a house, a bench, a tire swing (whee!). Use whatever you have on hand.

Show these pictures to the kids for inspiration and let their minds do the rest. You’ll be amazed by what they come up with!

Things to Do

  • In honor of Earth month, why not visit your nearest recycling center? Call ahead and see if you can arrange a tour or demonstration. The kids will learn about recycling and they’ll think seeing everything all broken and squished up is cool. Find your nearest center:
  • Go to the library! Check your library’s website for their calendar of events. Most libraries offer lots of free programs during vacation weeks. Also check out their free/discounted passes for museums and local attractions.
  • Explore! Discover new places using Search for trails with waterfalls, dog-friendly trails and more. They even have an app with trail maps so you don’t get lost. (We may or may not have found this feature quite handy at one point.)

Whatever you may do during your break, we hope you take time to slow down and enjoy being with your kids.

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